The Gift Of Clarity: A Three Step Guide

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Have you ever felt stuck in Life and find it hard to make any positive steps forward? No matter what you try and do, it just seems that Life / The Universe / Karma – whatever you want to call it – seems to be so against you! As you look around, why does it seem like other people are living a “better life” (the life You desire)? And, at times, it just doesn’t seem fair… Why is it that YOU have a problem with “manifesting / attracting” those good and positive things into your life? After all, you’re a good person, and you do all the right things…

And so the Frustration sets in…

So, like many people you may look to find the “Secret” of how to create a better life as well as make a difference to your financial prosperity. Searching across the Internet, you find a wealth of resources from “Masters/Gurus” and you read up on all the “Classic” self improvement books, in the hope that you’ll discover that elusive quality that has managed to transform people’s lives. And you find that it has transformed people’s lives… Other people’s lives! So why not YOURS?

And then the Doubt sets in…

You’ve done the reading. You’ve done everything that the Classic texts suggested you should do – you follow the instructions, do the affirmations, stay positive and even make those plans and follow them through. You do your best to give out good vibes to everyone you meet… even if they try to bring you down! You’ve been there, you’ve done that and even bought the t-shirt and matching mug. You’ve keep trying everything and still nothing seems to work!

And then the Overwhelm sets in…

So… now you’re reading this post, and you’re here because I’m offering you yet another “guide” on how to get you back on track. Maybe, this time it will work… But, in the back of your mind, you’re probably already secretly concealing an expectation that you’re going to be disappointed yet again… Or maybe not.

Does any of this sounds familiar? If it does, then just stop yourself and ask:

How Could I Possibly Know What You’re Going Through?”

Well, where you find yourself right now, I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I’ve actually been there too! That’s the only reason why I can write about this with so much conviction – connect with you – and really see it from your perspective.

The only difference is, I’m now writing this piece from the other side! I’ve already experienced what you’re going through. I’m done with being “stuck”. I’m done with “trying”. Now, I’ve managed to “break through”… So, I’ve actually written this guide simply because I realised something that I believe may be able to help you too!

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, then you’ll already know from what I write, that I always look to show people that positive change is possible. I write from the heart – with honesty and passion – and I always do my best to make a difference and try to create a world of positivity and possibility.

For 5 years, I’ve kept this site alive and never really managed to get the principles of “Think & Grow Rich” to really work for me. In all that time, I’ve kept the faith; I’ve been persistent; I’ve applied the various aspects of the principles outlined. I’ve had varying degrees of success, but nothing significant. What you may not realise is that this site makes a loss, year after year… and still I always keep the faith that something good will come.

And the time has come for something to change. I’m determined that it will. And that change happens TODAY.

All this time, there’s been something that hasn’t felt quite right about all the things I’ve studied, read and applied. There was a nagging… doubt (?), somewhere in the back of my own mind that has actually kept me back from achieving any real success. It’s been there – a constant drone, a nagging – like a chronic pain that’s always there and occasionally reminds you of precisely how painful it is, every time you notice it.

That was Then. This is Now.

I had a realisation that I’d like to share with you, in the hope that it may shed some light on where you are and give you some clarity of direction.

Let me ask you something about all those positive things that you’ve been trying to “manifest / attract” into your life:

Do You Have The Space In Your Life To Allow Positive Things To Come?”

Allow those words to echo in your Mind… If you find that you’re now excitedly bouncing off the walls because this one sentence makes so much sense to you, then the good news is: there’s Hope for you yet!

If you’ve now just realised that the reason that you’ve not been able to make any real progress forward is simply because you’ve “had no space”, then I sincerely hope that what I’m about to share with you – the “3 Simple Steps To Mental Clarity” guide that I have written – will have an impact on moving you forward, in the same way that it has helped me.

The guide I have created has been written from experience. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have roots elsewhere – I’ve simply had to play with it in order to make it work for me. I would suggest that you do the same, once you understand how to use it.

I’ll not say any more about what the “3 Simple Steps To Mental Clarity” contains. Instead, what I am going to tell you about is where I find myself now…

My Mind is finally Clear.

And from that clarity, comes new ideas, opportunities and choices. I can now clearly see a positive way forward. I now have a Vision and can properly realise my own Burning Desire. In the past, I thought I knew what this was but, “being” and working from a position of Confusion often end up with results that are very different than when you work out of Clarity.

Where am I now? I find myself on a new journey – on a different path. I have now also found a kindred spirit with which to share my vision and Master Mind with. It’s a refreshing change to have someone to share ideas and focus on creating a better reality with . We have already been working to put things in place that can help to create opportunities – not just for ourselves but also for others.

I now find that I’m going back to my original intention for this site, before I was rudely waylaid by Fear and Doubt. I would like to go back to the principles laid out in Think & Grow Rich and to use as many of them as possible.

In this new Master Mind I find myself in, I now find that I have a resource to help keep me focused and on track. For too long, I’ve known that this site has also suffered from a “lack of clarity”site when it could be used as a means of really making a profound difference to people’s lives. Having struggled with Confusion, and learning from Adversity, I now realise that this site needs to demonstrate the principles outlines and really demonstrate what can be done. This site must lead by example…

For my part, I have an intention and a Vision of what I’d like this “Think & Grow Rich eBook” website to become. And that Vision includes YOU, dear Reader!

Over the coming days and weeks, it is my hope that We (my new Master Mind) can help to create new opportunities that will benefit everyone (including You!). Beneath the surface of this site, there are plans bubbling and, rest assured, if you so desire, we would welcome your participation in helping to make this Vision a reality.

But before We reveal the details of How we intend to create new opportunities, I would like to begin this new relationship by offering this Gift Of Clarity.

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About Zain

Zain is the Chief Editor of He is a Conversational Therapist & Life Enrichment Coach, living and working in Brighton (East Sussex, UK). He is also an ANLP Professional Member.

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28 Responses to The Gift Of Clarity: A Three Step Guide

  1. Jerry Chanas says:

    Really interests me to read this article. Thanks Zain!

  2. inderpreet.kaur says:


  3. will says:

    I enjoyed reading the article above and am excited to read the new ebook.

  4. Mohammed Al-Hassaniah says:

    Thank you

  5. Angela says:

    I would like to read and experience this book

  6. Lolita says:

    Great stuff! Keep up the good work!

  7. Lisa kENNEDY says:

    i am still unable to download “3 simple steps”… :(
    there is no download button on my page…
    help please?

    • Zain says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Sorry to hear you’re not able to download this – I just responded to your email a moment ago.

      Anyway, please can you let me know which browser you’re using to view the site? That sounds like quite a glitch there.

      So far, quite a few people have managed to get this so I’m wondering what the issue is… Let me know!



  8. A. Glover says:

    Great information. Thanks

  9. mike says:

    Can’t wait to read it!!!

  10. Khalid Mahmood Tahir says:

    Respected Sir, if someone like you with a clear heart and soul trying to save people from the pains created by their own minds or…luck?. People many many people will be benefited from your precious words. And who knows i will be among those lucky people. God bless you.

    • Zain says:

      Hi Khalid,

      Thanks! And I think you’ve hit the nail on the head – people do indeed create pain in their own minds. We are often so mentally busy that we forget that we “have control” over our own Mind. That’s something Napoleon Hill reminds us to do. And it’s also what I’m just doing here…

      Remember: You have complete control over your own Mind, and therefore your Actions. Gaining Clarity will simply help you to separate and distance those “self-created” mental pains and realise that you can do something about them!

      Success requires practice. The eBook will show you how simple it is to achieve it… What it can’t do is to make you take action – that choice is YOURs to own!

      I wish you every success!



  11. Sherryl says:

    Wow! I feel an improvement just from reading the Forward! Literally, it’s been minutes since I’ve downloaded the 3 Simple Steps and took into action the very first recommendation. It was truly eye-opening to realize that the smallest requirement was all I needed to begin to succeed. Thank you Zain! I needed this, especially today.

  12. Linda Moratti says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your knowledge, it is very much appreciated!
    Have a magical day!

  13. Hassan Ameri says:

    i would like to read it and i have information about it. it is very good book also the name is interesting “think and Grow rich” it gives a good idea for the people.

  14. tito says:

    thx very much

  15. CJ says:

    thank you..

  16. I really enjoyed reading your newsletter and I am anxious to read your book. Looking forward to be a member for a long time.

    Thank you for sharing this book to me.

  17. tinkla says:

    Hi Zain,
    Greetings and the executive summary of the book itself is very powerful and i do commend you for your wit, grace and candour which often encourages my best impulses. Cheers!!!

  18. Loni says:

    Hi Zain,

    This is the first time I thought – finally! A detailed, step by step guide on how to get rid of all the stumbling blocks to our ideal life. We get so overwhelmed by all those big words and techniques from ‘success gurus’ that really seem to only cause more mess and confusion about what we want and how to get there. Not a single one of them has ever broken it down to the most basic steps, not even N. Hill’s brilliant book, which is what you have done by saying ‘ok, you are stuck, you want to move on but the wall only seems to get bigger and thicker. Do this: see this brick? Remove that first. Is it out? good. well done. feels good? great. now move on to the next one, don’t look at the rest of the wall, because if you do you will just waste your time and let more of the bricks appear, so just move on to the next…’ And this is what some of us need, the ones that know what they need to do, but need to be prompted bit by bit (i.e. the really REALLY stuck ones!). I knew I lacked focus and this is the first time someone explained why it is important – because without it you will be walking around aimlessly even if you have clearly set goals. We all know we want so much, but we forget that we need to pick up the mementum of the universe first to allow those things to reach us, and it all starts with the smallest steps. In only a couple of days since reading your book I have already accomplished a month’s worth of ‘to do’ stuff, feel good about it and ready to do a lot more. This seems to be the final peice of my puzzle and I am sincerely grateful you have given it to me.

    • Zain says:

      Hi Loni,

      Firstly, I just want to say “WOW! OMG! That’s AMAZING!” ;) You managed to achieve “a month’s worth”?!? I am really impressed with your determination! Personally, I took a month to clear out stuff and really wish I had your focus… what you’ve done is much more than I had expected anyone could do.

      Right now, I’m really pleased that some people have realised how it’s possible to take the “smallest” action, and then build on it bit by bit. As I mentioned, that’s really about building confidence, bit by bit, too!

      And Thank You very much for sharing your experience, Loni! I hope that your story will help others find some “Hope” and also realise that they can do it too. It’s a really wonderful one and now I’m glad really that I wrote the eBook. (I go by the principle that, even if it only helps 1 person in the world, then it’s worth doing!)

      Loni, YOU are a beacon of Hope, in a dark and murky world of clutter and mental confusion. I sincerely hope that your “light” shines bright and touches others around you. Keep going with what you’re doing and if I can help in any way, I will do my best to do so (in whatever way I can).

      It would be wonderful to hear of what else you manage to achieve as a consequence of being able to find that “first step” and actually *TAKE ACTION* (however “small”).

      Oh… and you’ve also managed to make me smile this morning. Thank You for sharing! :D

      I wish you the very best of Luck (self-made) on your new path to Success! Keep remembering to just “enjoy” it, and you’ll also discover the other “riches” that Napoleon Hill was talking about! ;)



  19. kumbirai says:

    inspirational hey

  20. Julia says:

    I loved the the 3 steps to mental clarity guide! Having already begun a process of clearing out things mentally and physically I could really identify with the benefits stated in this book as I had already seen many of them take effect very quickly. The guide came at just the right time to encourage me to keep going – as I am having a major overhaul of my life and want to let go of the past to attract great new things in. It’s been a fairly slow process as I have to let go of just a few things at a time, but the guide has encouraged me to really take the plunge the rest of this week! I am looking forward to lots of great new opportunities coming my way! Thanks Zain.

  21. TRAVIS BAILEY says:

    Thanks .. this book is amazing

  22. Mo says:

    Great post Zain. I’m currently creating some space in my life for new things to come. That point, specifically, really hit home to me. Keep up the good work.

  23. Sesar says:

    I just receipt a download link’s to copy the book free, through email. Thank you so much!

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